For a period spanning 35 years, I have been committed to exploring and practicing the meditation techniques and other methods as prescribed by various schools of perennial wisdom, world religions, and Western psychology. My goal has been to help myself and others to awaken to our true nature, relieve suffering and to experience the natural joy of living.

I became interested in the study of consciousness and Eastern philosophy in high school; over the years, these studies have become a central part of my daily life.  My very first meditation teacher, Jayne Haden, introduced me to meditation and mantras in her meditation techniques for beginners class (in Pittsburgh, PA). After experiencing the wonderful benefits of meditation that come from disciplined practice, I was hooked!

Since then I’ve studied and practiced many types of meditation, breathing exercises, visualization, Tai Chi forms (with Fong Ha in Berkeley, CA), shamanism and a number of schools of psychology/psychotherapy.

A large part of my life has been working professionally in the field of psychology. I have always kept up a meditative life coaching practice in parallel to my work In psychology. Personally I have dedicated most of my adult life to practicing Buddhist meditation techniques, including both Vipasana meditation and Tonglen with Pema Chodron, as well as Sufi practices, especially Heart Rhythm Meditation, with Puran & Susanna Bair and Asatar Bair.

I strive to remain open to learning new practices and techniques that I may integrate and utilize in helping others and myself to become ever more joyful and grateful in our lives.